Facial Pain: Could It Be TMJ Disorder?

Facial pain and jaw pain can be the result of a range of health problems. If the patient has a sore jaw, a TMJ diagnosis is particularly likely. TMJ disorders are jaw problems caused by swelling deep within the jaw joint.

But before seeking treatment for temporomandibular disorder from a TMJ specialist, you need to know if TMJ dysfunction is the cause of your facial pain - and that involves ruling out other possibilities.

Face pain can be a result of dental problems such as an infection or an abscessed tooth, or it can result from jaw alignment problems. Dental treatment, sometimes including orthodontics, can relieve tooth pain.

Pain in the face can also be the result of sinusitis or sinus infection. When it comes to the head and face, where you feel the pain may not actually be the source. Jaw trouble can lead to headaches, or a tooth abscess may masquerade as jaw pain.

Oh, and getting hit in the face can definitely lead to facial pain!

If it's not any of these, it might well be TMJ disorder. The other diagnosis to consider is trigeminal neuralgia, an alarmingly painful nerve problem that leads to the sensation of sharp pain in the face, even with the smallest stimulus. Treatments are available, but the condition is commonly considered one of the most painful that exist.

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